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The Presenters

Valur Svansson, Principal Consultant, IP Integration

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Valur has over 25 years background and expertise in Call Centre and Quality Management, Change Management, Customer Insight Analytics and Call Centre Technologies.

Mike Elliott, Senior Account Executive, Sentiment

Mike Elliott_GoToWebinar.jpgMike has experience and skills in the rapidly evolving field of digital and social media. Working on the cutting edge with clients he provides a relevant insight and best practice.

Webinar: 5 Essential Customer Service Trends For 2017

Discover how to leverage key social media trends to deliver improved customer satisfaction, greater retention and faster business growth.

As we head towards 2017, the principles of great customer service remain strong: make it easy, make it quick, make it effective and make it knowledgeable.  

Omni-channel consumers are in the driving seat.  They want fast resolution on the channels that work best for them with minimum hassle.

This 60 minute webinar is designed to help contact centre teams and customer experience professionals better understand 5 key trends that are increasingly influencing customer care programmes:

  • How customer service teams, marketing and technology are converging
  • How social data can be used to improve business performance
  • How to improve response times
  • How chat apps are changing the way we communicate
  • Seamless channel integration

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